Can I use the JK Hooves on my own drum mat/carpet/rug?
Every JK Hoove comes with Velcro’s specially developed hook-side adhesive. Velcro is renowned as one of the world’s leading producers of adhesive technologies. In collaboration with Velcro, we have sought a perfect klittenband solution that works effectively on the most common surfaces. As a result, you can effortlessly use JK Hooves on various types of drum mats and carpets.

My double bass drum pedal and hi-hat also shift during play! Does JK Drum Systems have a solution for this?
Absolutely! JK Drum Systems has a solution for that as well – the JK Hoove! The JK Hoove features a 90-degree angled opening, which allows you to secure and position your hi-hat or double bass drum pedal effortlessly. These Hooves are versatile and designed to provide a fixed position for various drum components, including the legs of a drum rack. In most cases, one JK Hoove is sufficient to keep a pedal or hi-hat in place.

Can I test if I can use the JK Hooves on my own drum mat/carpet/rug before making a purchase?
Yes, you can definitely do that! You probably have an item of clothing or product at home that contains Velcro. For example, a jacket or shoes with Velcro closures. You can use this to test whether your drum surface works with Velcro. Please note, make sure to test the hook side of the Velcro. If the Velcro sticks, we can assure you that you can use the JK Hooves on your mat!

Help, my mat doesn’t work with Velcro, what now???!!
No need to panic, there are still solutions!! The first option we recommend is to look for a suitable mat.
Below are the mats/carpets that are compatible with the JK Hooves:

  • Pearl drum mats (almost all mats are suitable)
  • Meinl drum mat Black and Oriental
  • Protection Racket drum mats (almost all mats are suitable)
  • Roland drum mats (almost all mats are suitable)
  • Ahead drum mats (almost all mats are suitable)
  • Tama drum mats (almost all mats are suitable)
  • Zildjian drum mats (almost all mats are suitable)
  • Thomann’s own brand drum mat
  • And, of course, our JK Drumplates sets (P-Series and SP-Series).

The second option we offer when you don’t want to use another drum mat is to position the JK Hoove and secure it with screws. To do this, screw 3 screws through the mat from underneath into the JK Hoove. Use approximately 20mm long screws with a conical head. For added stability, use a washer (rivet) between the screw and the mat to create more support.

I don’t use a drum mat because I have a fixed riser, but I still want to use the JK Hooves. Is this possible?
Absolutely! The JK Hoove consists of two parts: a base and a cover. These parts are securely connected but can be easily separated. This allows you to screw the Base onto your drum riser. Make sure to use 3 screws for this purpose. It’s best to use screws with a conical head along with a washer (rivet) to ensure sufficient support. Afterward, simply place the cover on the base, and it will look neat and clean. You’re all set to rock!