About JK Drumsystems

About Joost Koopmans

I am Joost Koopmans and I have been a passionate drummer for more than 15 years now. In 2008 I started as a drummer in a band. During our first gigs I realised that I had to search for the most ideal and stabile setup gig after gig. After all, only with a perfect and solid setup you can achieve maximum performance. Finding this perfect setup was very time consuming every time I set up my drum kit. No doubt that someone already found a solution to this problem. Or not..? The only product I found was still in concept: a product that made it possible to position your drum kit exactly the same gig after gig. All positions needed to be marked only once, using plates and hooves. After that, setting up your drum kit becomes a walk in the park for your upcoming gigs. However, when I decided to purchase this product, the company – DP Drumplates – didn’t seem to exist anymore. Now what?

From drummer to entrepreneur

This situation made me think like an actual entrepreneur. The system that was developed seemed to be good, but was left unused. So, wouldn’t it be great to reinvigorate this product, which will benefit drummers all over the world?

Establishment of JK Drum Systems

With this in mind, I began to discover all options on starting my own business, using the actual DP Drumplates products as a starting-point. As this proved to be a realistic business plan, I established my own company: JK Drum Systems. I spoke with drummers in the professional drum scene and with an industrial designer. Together we critically reviewed the existing system. What was good? What could be improved? As a result, the system’s hooves have been modernised and the plates got lighter. The new system is being marketed under the brand name of JK DRUMPLATES®.