Metallica Drum Tech Jimmy Clark
Congratulations..! LOVE THEM
Christoph Schneider
The JK Drumplates work fantastic! (Rossi Rossberg)
Rufus Taylor
The Darkness
The JK Drumplates are a f*cking life savour
Micheál Quinn
Dermot Kennedy
The JK Drumplates are great!
Francesco Mendolia
The JK Drumplates are amazing!
Thilo Brandt
Willem v.d. Krabben
Jett Rebel
With JK Drumplates all eyes are focused on you while building your drums!
Sharon Zarr
Patrick Grün
Wouter Prudon
Nicky Loman
Candy Dulfer, Waylon, Mr Probz
Sabastiaan Brouwer
Davina Michelle
Thomas Vincke
Laura Tesoro, Niels Destadsbader
Tim de Wijk
Nielson, Stones Session, YouDrum
JK Drumplates are a must have for the touring drummer!
Antonie Broek
De Dijk
Ilse Hofma
Davy Deckmijn
With Drumplates I can focus on my performance without worrying about my setup
Martin Rongen
Rowwen Hèze
Martijn Bosman
Guus Meeuwis, Groots met een zachte G
Thanks for the top plates! (Paul Delpeut)
Bram Vanhove
Coely, Blackwave
Thijs Vonk
Def Americans
Benjamin Hölle
Joram Bemelmans
Great product!
Jasper Barendregt
PSION, Session drummer
Drum Demons
Drum Demons
Jeff Jameson
Blackdraft, The Rivals
The plates that you simply want as a drummer or tech! Simply super!
Toni Peroni
The Glamrocks
Kevin Oliver Jones
Hats off Led Zeppelin
Maurits de Vries
Hottub Heroes
David Arnold
Joep Lensen
Risky Roads
Good service and a great product, JK Drumsystem is already indispensable!
Carlo Lepelaars
Twenty Sicks
Rene Barthen
A awesome product for all the drummers in the universe!!
Paul Damen
Picking up a couple of JK Hooves cause of bassdrum creep probs. Problems solved!
Bjorn Huigen
De Fik Erin
Raimond van Maanen
The Recipe
Everything always in the same place thanks to the Drumplates, super for our crew and me!
Jens Desimpeleare
Radio Vader
It is a luxury to have the same setting for every performance. Kick Ass top product!
Joran Dijkstra
Papa di Grazzi, Dijkstra Drums
JK Drumplates: always everything exactly in the right place, and stays there! Fantastic!
Ruben de Vries
8 pm
Urban Berz
The New Roses
Rob de Laat
Eric Gijsen
Thanks to my JK Drumplates everything is in the right place! Simple and fast!
Gunnar Menzel
Donkey Pilots
Patrick van Riet
Idiot Proof
Bram Peters
Gerard van Hamburg
Backing Bruce
The best of the best and the best of the rest!
Backline Rental Service Germany
Triple A Drums, Nick Hulme
Dido (Drum tech), Ellaeyre (Drum tech) Busted (Drum tech)
Brent Fitz
Jay Weinberg
I love them!
Scott Seiver
Tenacious D
Matt Alston
Machine Head
Dude! My snare didn't move an INCH! They are great!
Daniel Erlandsson
Arch Enemy
These bad boys work perfectly! Consider me a fan!
Jocke Wallgren
Amon Amarth
The Hooves are great, sturdy and they stick to the carpet like crazy!
Niklas Kahl
Lord of the Lost
Dorian Neidhardt
Tokio Hotel (Drum tech), Earth, Wind and Fire (Drum tech)
Niles Vandenberg
With JK Drumplates® the drumkit stands like a house!
Anthony Sonetti
Tex van Buren (Drumtex)
Misc / SDP (Drum Tech) / Testament (Drum Tech)
I don’t want to go on the road anymore without the JK Drumplates
Jimmy v.d. Nieuwenhuizen
I won't go anywhere without my JK Drumplates!
Jamie Westland
Teun van Zoggel
Duncan Laurence, Nona
Top product and great service!
Tim van Delft
De Staat
Koen Herfst
Armin van Buuren, I CHAOS, Dew-Scented, Bagga Bownz
Top product!
Joey Marin de Boer
The JK Drumplates is the shit!!!
Hicham Erahhali (MA)
Paul Bukkens
Emmanuel Afriyie
Jonna Fraser
JK drumplates is my life saver on stage!
Maikel Roethof
Daredevils, Eric Steckel
JK Drumplates is your best friend live as well as in the studio!
Daniel van den Brink
The Overslept
Kit is ready within 10 minutes thanks to the JK Drumplates; LIFESAVER!
Joris Feiertag
Kraak & Smaak, Hans Dulfer
I tried everything against a running bass drum, but Drumplates is the only one that helps!
Raymond de Graaf
WC Experience
With JK Hooves no moves, everything stands like a house. Top material and great service!
The Wetnecks
Berni Bovens
Mark Gillespies, Kings of Floyd
JK Drumplates!#Simple The Best
Too Pierik
Roland Baak
Royal beat
200 shows later and my kit is still without moving a cm like a house!
Bart van Deursen
Men on the Moon
Frank Moezelaar
Black no.1
Great Product & Service; The best possible extra security for this One Handed Drummer!
Mathieu Boomgaars
Curls on Fire
Randy van Veen
The Live (Simple Creed tribute)
What an innovative and easy product. A must for every drummer!
Rick Heuvelmans
Dial 24
Top service! And the setup is always perfectly the same. Optimal play on a top product!
Ton van Hooft
Dino Verrienti
Boulevard Vinyl
Hans Vuurmans
I stay where I am with my JK Drumplates. Both behind my TAMA and A.F.
Matthijs Kruizinga
Medical Mysteries
Coen van Gaalen
Lithse Revu
Luca van Weerden
Manu Al
Ken Poels
Volbeer (Volbeat Tribute Band)
The only hooves that brings you luck!
Marvin Smith
André Hazes Junior
Marco Prij
Tom Schilders
The JK Drumplates works perfectly and I can rely 100% on it. Recommended!!
Joren Maes
JM Backline Service
MW drumstudio
MW Drum Studio, Stockholm
Your Drum Sound (Davide "Dave" De Angeli)
Your Drum Sound, Italy